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Housing Cooperatives, Property Owner Associations

One of the specializations of the law office is in the affairs of housing cooperatives and property owner associations. In particular, we provide services and counselling in the following matters:

Apartments, non-residential property and general housing law

  • privatization of buildings and apartments
  • establishment of housing cooperatives
  • housing cooperative covenants and their preparation and modification
  • legal relationships to do with housing cooperatives
  • relationships between housing cooperatives and their members
  • lease contracts and their preparation and modification
  • property owner declarations and their preparation
  • contracts for transfer of apartments to the ownership of housing cooperative members (preparation of contracts and their modification)
  • establishment of property owner associations
  • property owner association covenants and their preparation
  • building rules and their preparation
  • housing cooperative entities, property owner association entities and their resolutions
  • repair of buildings, their common areas and their reimbursement
  • payments made into repair funds and other types of funds
  • termination of apartment leases
  • recovery of debts from nonpayers
  • expulsion of members from housing cooperatives

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