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Residential and Non-residential Property, Housing Law

One of the specializations of the law office is in the affairs of housing cooperatives and property owner associations. In particular, we provide services and counselling in the following matters:

Apartments, non-residential property and general housing law

  • apartment and non-residential leases
  • lease contracts and sublease contracts (preparation of lease contracts, their agreement and termination)
  • means of use of apartments and non-residential spaces, apartment repairs and their reimbursement
  • disputes between property owners and tenants
  • apartments in buildings owned by housing cooperatives and property owner associations
  • apartment eviction notices
  • recovery of debts from nonpayers
  • court proceedings concerning the invalidity of eviction notices and corresponding relationships
  • all types of housing issues and all corresponding relationships
  • purchase of apartments, drafting of sales contracts proposals for inclusion in the cadastral register.
  • resolution of disputes arising from the lease of non-residential space

Representation in court and with agencies in housing matters

  • legal representation at courts of all levels
  • legal representation with agencies
  • drafting of complaints and other petitions
  • drafting of appeals and other remedial measures
  • participation in court sessions, agency sessions and those of other institutions

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