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Financial Law and Taxes

The law office is prepared to provide you with legal services without regard to whether you are a legal or physical entity, entrepreneur or tax-exempt entity. We are capable of resolving all of your tax problems.

We provide you with the following services which may be freely combined to the point of complete management of all your tax-related affairs, including general representation before the tax administration:


The law office will identify and explore risk areas on the basis of information provided in an accounting statement. The first step in preparing a tax audit is dividing all client accounts into areas which create logical wholes (for example, the areas of investment property, inventories, receivables and payables, bank relations, temporary accounts, etc.). This guarantees that the evaluation of problems will be carried out in the context of, and with regard for, other eventualities. With this review, the law office is able to help eliminate potential errors and prepare a list of facts which must be taken into account in filing a tax return. The tax return itself is then checked. Also part of the service are recommended steps for optimizing tax within the boundaries of the law (creation of reserves, rectified items, etc.).

This service can allow you to achieve marked savings in taxes – avoid the unnecessary payment of shortfalls in tax, including penalties, as well as improper increases in your tax obligation. It is even likely that the tax administration, in reviewing errors which are to the detriment of the taxpayer, will make no notification. Because of the relatively high tax rate, a single error uncovered may often bring many times more in savings than the price of the service.


You’re legally authorized tax adviser can prepare tax returns for you on the basis of information which requires no verification. In this case, however, the adviser is only responsible for his correctness in compiling the return, and not for the information you have provided. If you wish to combine a tax return and a tax audit, the adviser will use previously verified data. This service is primarily advantageous for those of you who require a postponement of tax or would like greater certainty in tax matters by transferring partial responsibility to the tax adviser.


The law office will represent you to the extent designated in a power of attorney before your tax administrator. The law office will carry out all tasks to which it has been given power of attorney with your tax administrator, including the submission of ordinary and extraordinary remedial measures.

This service makes it possible for you to fully concentrate on your day-to-day activities and saves you the time spent communicating with your tax administrator.


The law office will become acquainted with your activities, point out risk factors and subsequently offer procedures which will make it possible for you to minimize your tax burden within the limits of the law. Various kinds of business combinations may be used, as well as purchases of various collections of property, changes in the organization and aims of the company and its day-to-day operations. We are prepared to recommend such approaches taking international factors into account, as well.


The law office will verify your relationships with foreign entities and point out all possible risks and tax obligations to you. At the same time we will offer tax approaches which are necessary for proper fulfilment of your obligations to the tax administration and the minimization of your actual tax burden.

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