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Civil Law and Its Environs

One of the specializations of the law office is civil law. We provide legal services and counselling in this area particularly in the following matters:

Contracts, their conclusion, resolution of disputes in cases of breach and nonfulfillment

  • purchase contracts (for purchase of movable assets, sales and purchase of real property including apartments, sales of debts)
  • gift contract (monetary gifts, gifts of property and real property)
  • contracts for work (preparation of custom work, completion of construction and the carrying out the work)
  • loan contracts (loans of money and loans of other items)
  • mediation contracts (mediation of real property transfer, mediation in the area of business matters, services and other areas)
  • lease contracts, sublease contracts (apartment leases, non-residential space leases, real property leases, leases in housing cooperatives and property owner associations)
  • contract for the transfer of real property (sales and purchase of buildings, lots, apartment transfers – apartment units, non-residential space)
  • resolution of disputes for nonfulfillment and breach of contract (settlements inside and outside of court, exacting damages and pursuing debts arising from a contract)
  • preparation of contracts, conclusion of contracts
  • representation in court proceedings

Property relationships and disputes between citizens

  • reimbursement of damages (damage to goods, damage to health, property and nonproperty damage and other loss)
  • contracts for reimbursement of damages and acknowledgment of that (debt bills, acknowledgment of debt and obligations for reimbursement of damages)
  • recovery of debts (both via the courts and outside the courts, executory collection)
  • claims for property damages (claims for reimbursement of damages to goods and health, resolution of nonproperty damages, property disputes, inheritance disputes, resolution of damages in court proceedings)
  • disputes between neighbours (relationships between real property co-owners, disputes between neighbours in the building, disputes between members of housing cooperatives and owners of apartment units, relations between property owners)
  • co-owner relationships and their resolution
  • property relationships and the resolution of property disputes
  • representation in court proceedings

Apartments, non-residential space, leases and lease relationships, associated issues

  • apartment and non-residential leases
  • lease contracts and sublease contracts (preparation of lease contracts, their conclusion and termination)
  • means of use of apartments and non-residential spaces, apartment repairs and their reimbursement
  • disputes between property owners and tenants
  • apartments in buildings owned by housing cooperatives and property owner associations
  • recovery of debts from nonpayers
  • apartment eviction notices
  • court proceedings for invalid terminations
  • all associated issues
  • representation in court proceedings

Housing cooperatives and property owner associations

  • establishment of housing cooperatives
  • housing cooperative covenants and their preparation and modification
  • legal relationships to do with housing cooperatives
  • relationships between housing cooperatives and their members
  • lease contracts and their preparation and modification
  • property owner declarations and their preparation
  • contracts for transfer of apartments to the ownership of housing cooperative members (preparation of contracts and their modification)
  • establishment of property owner associations
  • property owner association covenants and their preparation
  • building rules and their preparation
  • housing cooperative entities, property owner association entities and their resolutions
  • repair of buildings, their common areas and their reimbursement
  • payments made into repair funds and other types of funds
  • termination of apartment leases
  • recovery of debts from nonpayers
  • expulsion of members from housing cooperatives
  • apartment evictions
  • representation in court proceedings

Real property, drafting of contracts for the transfer of real property and entry in the cadastral register

  • contracts for the transfer of real property (purchase contracts, gift contracts, security contracts, easement contracts)
  • contract contents and requirements
  • entry in the cadastral registry
  • rights of lien
  • easements
  • use and lease rights to real property
  • representation in court proceedings

Claiming reimbursement for and resolving damages

  • reimbursement for damages to goods
  • reimbursement for damage to health
  • reimbursement for property and nonproperty losses
  • contract for the reimbursement of damages and the acknowledgment of debt (obligations for reimbursement of damages)
  • recovery and resolution of damages (both via the courts and outside the courts, executory collection)
  • resolving damage reimbursement in court proceedings
  • representation in court proceedings

Neighbour relationships

  • neighbour relationships between apartment users in the building
  • relations between property co-owners
  • disputes between neighbours within the building
  • disputes between housing cooperatives and apartment owners
  • relations between neighbouring property owners
  • legal relationships between co-owners and neighbours and their resolution
  • property relationships and the resolution of property disputes

Representation at court and with agencies

  • legal representation at courts of all levels
  • legal representation with agencies
  • drafting of complaints and other petitions
  • drafting of appeals and other remedial measures
  • participation in court sessions, agency sessions and those of other institutions

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