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Commercial Law, Commercial Contracts, Resolution of Disputes

The law office also provides legal services in certain areas of commercial law. In particular, we provide services and counselling in the following matters:

Legal Relationships between Entrepreneurs and Companies

  • business relationships
  • entrepreneurial property relationships
  • obligations of entrepreneurs, contracts
  • contracts (contract preparation and modification)
  • lease contracts, lease of property and real property
  • bills of exchange, recovery of bills of exchange

Commercial contracts, their creation, formulation, conclusion, resolution of disputes for nonperformance

  • purchase contracts (preparation, conclusion, requirements)
  • contracts for work (preparation, conclusion, requirements)
  • lease contracts (contract contents, requirements, conditions of payment, lease of goods)
  • obligations of entrepreneurs and companies
  • acknowledgment of obligations, recovery of debts
  • representation in court proceedings of all levels

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