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Labour Law, Labour Contracts, the Resolution of Disputes in Employment Relationships

One of the specializations of the law office is labour law. In particular, we provide services and counselling in the following matters:

Labour Contracts and Their Conclusion

  • conclusion of employment contracts, modification of employment contracts
  • nonfulfillment and breach of labour responsibilities
  • initiation and termination of employment relationships

Termination of Labour Relationships and Disputes Arising Therefrom

  • resignations and terminations of employment
  • immediate termination of employment
  • disputes concerning invalid termination/resignation notices
  • resolving disputes at court
  • representation in court disputes

Termination of Employment and Disputes about the Validity of Termination/Resignations

  • requirements for terminations and resignations and their form
  • handing in resignations
  • court disputes concerning invalid termination/resignation notices
  • representation in court proceedings

Material Responsibility Agreements

  • concluding material responsibility agreements
  • validity of agreements and material responsibility
  • employee responsibility
  • entrusted property damages
  • loss of entrusted objects
  • reimbursement of damages

Damage Reimbursement Resolution

  • employee-caused damage
  • damages caused by the employer
  • recognizing obligations and reimbursement of damage
  • employee responsibility
  • employer responsibility
  • monetary reimbursement for damages

Disputes between the Employers and Employees

  • labour disputes
  • disputed validity of employment termination
  • disputed validity of terminations/resignations
  • damage disputes

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