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Contracts, Purchasing Contracts, Preparation and Drafting of Contracts

One of the specialties of the law office is the drafting and preparation of contracts. In particular, we provide services and counselling in the following matters:

Purchase Contracts

  • conclusion of purchase contracts, contents and requirements
  • purchase contract performance
  • contractual party obligations
  • breach and nonfulfillment of obligations under purchase contracts
  • claims
  • purchase of movable assets
  • sales and purchase of property including apartments
  • debt sales

Gift contracts

  • conclusion of gift contracts
  • gift obligations
  • acceptance of gifts
  • giving and returning gifts
  • breach and failure to perform obligations under gift contracts
  • monetary gifts, gifts of property and real property

Lease Contracts

  • apartment and non-residential leases
  • lease contracts, sublease contracts (apartment leases, non-residential space leases, real property leases, leases in housing cooperatives and property owner associations)
  • disputes between property owners and tenants
  • apartment eviction notices
  • recovery of debts from nonpayers
  • court proceedings concerning the invalidity of eviction notices and corresponding relationships
  • resolution of disputes arising from the lease of non-residential space

Real Estate Property Transfer Contracts

  • preparation and conclusion of contracts
  • proposals for entry in the cadastral registry
  • escrow
  • sales and purchase of buildings, lots, apartment transfers – apartment units, non-residential space

Family contracts

  • spousal contracts
  • prenuptial contracts
  • alimony contracts
  • contracts for the distribution of joint marital assets
  • divorce contracts (contracts for the settlement of housing and property relationships)
  • contracts for the cancellation of apartment co-leasing agreements
  • failure to perform and cancellation of contracts

Business contracts

  • contract preparation, conclusion, requirements
  • contracts between entrepreneurs
  • purchase contract
  • contract for work
  • lease contract
  • contracts for the preparation of custom-made work, completion of construction and the carrying out of work
  • obligations of entrepreneurs and companies
  • acknowledgment of obligations, recovery of debts
  • representation in court proceedings of all levels
  • loan contracts (loans of money and loans of other items)
  • mediation contracts (mediation of real property transfer, mediation in the area of business matters, services and other areas)
  • resolution of disputes for nonfulfillment and breach of contract (settlements inside and outside of court, exacting damages and pursuing debts arising from a contract)
  • representation in court proceedings

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